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Lecture 14

BIOA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Nucleotide, Nucleoside Triphosphate, Nucleoside

Biological Sciences
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Mark Fitzpatrick

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BIOA01 — MODULE 3!!!!!!!!Nov. 7"
LEC 01
DNA, Genes & Chromosomes 1: DNA"
1. DNA stores genetic info"
encodes for proteins that provide structure & do much of cell’s work"
2. Genetic info stored in genes"
3. Turned on gene/gene expression causes eect on organism"
4. Gene regulation occurs when this process should occur"
Grith’s Experiment"
Virulent bacteria — mouse dies of pneumonia"
Nonvirulent bacteria — mouse remains healthy"
Killed virulent bacteria — mouse remains healthy"
Killed virulent & live nonvirulent bacteria — mouse dies of pneumonia"
Avery, Macleod & McCarty’s Experiment"
DNA = Deoxyribonucleic acid
Causal relationship b/w structure & functions exists in many molecules"
Structure of DNA allows it to store & transmit genetic info"
DNA built from nucleotides
Phosphate group + Deoxyribose sugar + Nitrogenous base
4 Bases:"
Adenine — A"
Guanine — G
Thymine — T"
Cytosine — C
Sugar + Base = Nuceloside
Nucleoside HO — CH2"
Nucleoside monophosphate P — CH2"
Sugar + Base + Phosphate = Nucleotide
Nucleoside diphosphate P — P — CH2"
Nucleoside triphosphate P — P — P — CH2"
Phosphodiester Bonds
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