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Chapter 57: Conservation Ecology (Lecture Notes)

Biological Sciences
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Kamini Persaud

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Chapter 57 Conservation Energy
April 7/2011
What is conservation Biology?
1.Conservation biologyan applied science, devoted to preserving the diversity of life
2. Integrated with other disciplines
3.Normative follows 3 principles:
1.Evolution is the process that unites all of biology
2.The ecological world is dynamic
3.Humans are part of ecosystems
4.Conservation biology aims to prevent extinctions
5.Extinctions deprive us of the opportunity for scientific study and understanding
ecological interactions
6.Maintaining diversity allows us to understand interactions and ecosystems as well
How do biologists predict changes in biodiversity?
Scientists cannot predict changes in biodiversity because
oWe do know how many species there are on earth
oWe dont know where species live
oWe dont know when an animal goes extinct
oWe do not know what will happen in the future, including natural events, and
what humans will do
Way to estimate species:
1.species-area relationshipproportionate; 90% decrease of habitat results
in 50% decrease in species (statistical) modelspopn size, genetic variation, morphology,
physiology, behaviour
Conservation Terminology:
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