BIOB11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: John Bowlby, Olfactory Receptor, Stone Tool

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Published on 8 Oct 2019
Biological Sciences
Monday, September 30, 2019
Lecture 4
Evolutionary psychology !
-Characteristics of Primates!
Olfactory receptor: is much smaller than other animals!
-Smell has become less important when relying on smell to make sense of the
Increasing dependency in steriostatic vision!
-Animals have to make good judgement on depth and interpreting visual cues!
-Animals have become more reliant on that!
Human - chimp lineage had been separated 3-4 milliion years ago. No good fossil
to deduce the exact time. Entirely speculative!
Big change occurred 2.5 years ago (emergence of the genus homo)!
-Increase in brain volume, significant changes in the anatomy of legs and hips
(bipedalism), dramatic changes in stone tool manufacturing, lifestyle change
from the trees to flatter land. !
-Slide 5!
Humans have the capacity to produce a culture and teach their osprings
(dierentiates us from animals as per the public but it is not that distinguished).
That being said, humans rely heavily on culture !
-John Bowlby: Father of attachment theory!
-Concepts of human nature!
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