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Lecture 4

BIOB11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Thiamine, Meiosis, Coenzyme A

Biological Sciences
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Dan Riggs

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Lecture 4
Intrdocution to Transcription Rrna Synthesis and Maturation
SP. Figs 11-4,6,7,9,12,13,14
- Beadle and Tatum Experiment (1940s)
Support for “1 gene/1 enzyme” hypothesis
B&T receive Nobel Prize in 1958
Second Picture: Demonstrates deficiency in vitamin biosynthesis
3RD Picture: Mutation in gene encoding protein involvedin making vitamin
pantothenic acid
Generic Biochemical Pathway
If Enzyme #2 gene mutated, the providing cells w/ C will ‘rescue’, but
roviding A and B will not.
B&T proposed, “1 gene-1 enzyme” hypothesis
Eukaryotic Transcription Steps:
1. 51 TO 31 (strand being synthesized)
2. Unwinnding DNa = topological stress, supercoiling alleviates
torsional stress
3. NTP ydrolysis provides energy
4. Many polymerases can act simultaneously
Prokaryotic Trsnacription
Random initiation sites initiation occurs at proper sites
Sigma factor binds to seqs. At -10/-35
Arrangments of elements in bacterial promotor consensus sequences
ocated @-35 and -10 in prokaryotic genes
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