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Lecture 7

BIOB10Y: Lecture 19; BIOB11: Lecture 7

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Biological Sciences
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Aarti Ashok

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Description dZ^WZ]ooZ]Z}u}}u_ - A translocation occurred such that a piece of chromosome 22 is fused to the end of chromosome 9 - Detected after advanced karyotype analysis was possible - Originally thought to be a deletion - Cells carrying this translocation become cancerous: chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) Epigenetics - =modification; not alteration - Inheritance that is NOT based on the DNA sequence (genetic) per se o e.g. X-]v]À]}vV}Zy[ZÀZuEµvµ}v]]v]Àvthe other is not o Modify chromosomes; not sequences - Histone modification are somehow inherited and replicated from parent to offspring - Traumatic events in life can also cause these modifications - Other covalent modification f DNA are also thought to be carriers of this epigenetic information Figure F
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