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BIOC33H3 Lecture Notes - Micelle, Micro Instrumentation And Telemetry Systems, Rhodopsin

Biological Sciences
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Stephen Reid

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Heme recycling
- Liver function – removal of old RBCs
oIron from haemoglobin is recycled
oMacrophages engulf RBCs
oStercobilin gives the brown colour to faeces
oUrobilin gives the amber colour to urine
- Jaundice = excess bilirubin in the skin
oLiver malfunction due to hepatitis or alcohol damage
oBlockage of bile duct; gallstones or tumours
oExcess RBC breakdown; malaria; newborn babies
Absorption and transport of iron
- Iron deficiency = absorption increases; transport increases; very rapid transport out of
the cell; reduction in intracellular iron
- Excess iron = transferrin becomes saturated; apoferritin and ferritin increased; iron is
sequestered on ferritin; lost when cells shed

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- Absorption of ion
Diferric transferrin binds to transferrin receptor
Diferric transferring – receptor complex is taken within an endosome
Endosome is acidified by proton pump
Low endosome pH releases the Fe2+ from transferring
Iron is pumped into cytosol by divalent metal transporter (DMT1)
Apotransferrin (Apo-TF) is removed from cell by exocytosis
Metabolism and elimination of wastes and toxins
- Hydrophobic to hydrophilic (to allow for excretion by the kidney)

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Liver cirrhosis
- Alcohol damages to the liver ==> interferes with mitochondrial function in hepatocytes
leading to lipid accumulation
- Liver cirrhosis = scar tissue replaces normal tissue blocking the flow of blood through the
oAlcoholic liver disease = prevents normal nutrient metabolism
oChronic hepatitis C = inflammation can lead to cirrhosis over several decades
Hormone activation/protein production
- Synthesis of plasma proteins
oSteroid binding proteins
oThyroid hormone binding proteins
oClotting proteins
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