BIOC33H3 Lecture Notes - Fibroblast, Transitional Epithelium, Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium

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The top layer is the pseudostratified ciliated columnar epi. The lower part is the dense irregular connective tissue. Thelowest part is the hyaline cartilgage: submandibular gland, sec. This is one of the salivary glands which open into the oral cavity. This gland produces both mucous and serous fluid. Mucous is a thick somewhat sticky secretion while serous fluid is runnier. Cells producing mucous have pale staining cytoplasm while cells producing serous fluid have darker staining cytoplasm. Note both types of glandular epithelium in this section. Secretory cells such as these are typically arranged in a circular pattern secreting their contents into small duct. Larger ducts with well defined lumens are also visible, lined with tallish cuboidal cells. These cells are responsible for carrying the secreted mucous or serous fluid to the final duct that opens into the mouth. 8: bladder contracted, transitonal epithelium, sec. When the bladder is empty, you see the dome shape.