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Lecture 01 - new summer changes

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Biological Sciences

BIOA01 - Lecture 01 What is biology? Bio means life & logy stud o scientific study of life It has many implication outside of sciene it has application outside science o E.g. reproduction biology - family that couldnt have child have other options to conceive such vivo fertilization But have to also face & look at ethical issues surrounding these application o E.g. Molecular biology GM food again have look at ethical issues since average person doesnt know the consequences that come w these foods Biology is closer to understanding: o How a single cell develops into an organism this has implication on developmental stages of embryo to infant & prevent developmental disorders or problem o How plants convert sunlight into chemical energy - plants & photoautotropic organism (algae & cyanobacteria) how do they split the water molecule & emit energy as result Thus by understanding this we could split water our self & get fossil fuel Great energy source o How human mind works Neuroscience psychology & biology come together o How living organism interact interesting things such as how bacteria in your stomach that contribute to human survival & vice versa & there is also other interaction outside the boy Ecology o How lifes diversity evolved from early microbes - we are currently loosing many species & even the ones we dont know ab outthus, we are losing valuable info that could solve many of the problems that we currently have such as medical, environmental etc. problems Furthermore, these organism that are becoming extinct interact w the ecological system to keep it functioning in a righter by losing these species , the whole system could potentially break down
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