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Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

Gametes: end result of meiosis Gametogenesis: production that creates sperm and egg Spermatogenesis: process of turning sperm gamete into sperm cell Oogenesis: process of making an egg from an egg gamete cell Spermatogenesis: -Takes place in testes of male -Spermatogonium: start of production cell -Haploid from meiosis goes through spermatogenesis and gets larger to make sperm -Results in a mature sperm with less cytoplasm and long flagellum -Spermatogenesis takes place throughout a man’s life and during mating seasons every year. Oogenesis -Takes place in ovaries of women -oogonium: start of egg cell -Unlike spermatogenesis, cytoplasm is NOT divided equally -Divided towards primary oocyte and other to Polar body -After Meiosis 2, only 1 cell survives, purpose is to give it enough nutrients and cytoplasm. -In humans, Meiosis 1 begins before birth in ovarian tissues, and eggs are frozen -Menopause: the pause of the frozen eggs prior birth till fertilization -Meiosis takes place AFTER fertilization -Releases 1 oogenium each month Karyotypes -Shows all the chromosomes in a cell arranged in a grid from Largest to smallest with centromeres lined up -Chromosomes are stained with Giemsa, a chemical that makes A and T bonds -Reveals the unique G-branding Preparation -Fetal Blood ß common -If inside fetus, they use Amniocentesis -Amniocentesis: insert a syringe in amniotic fluid to take floating skin cells. -Do centrifuge to
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