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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

Unit 2: Genetics DNA: molecule inside nucleus that gives instructions to make proteins etc. Deoxyribose sugar Phosphate backbone Nitrogenous Bases: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine Base Pair : AT – Purines – 2 rings Base Pair: CG – Purimidines – 1 ring Gene: segment of DNA that encodes information DNA twists itself, then on histones, then histones twist to form chromatids Chromosomes: Human has 46, 23 pairs, 1 pair of sex chromosomes, 22 pairs of autosomes Homologus: same instructions, but expressed in a different way Homologs: single chromosomes that are similar but not the same Homologus Pairs: pairs of homologs after criss-cross Centromere: middle region of chromosome, attracts spindle fibres Chromosome = 2 sister chromatids held by a centromere = chromatin N = Haploid = # of unique chromosomes = human: 23 2N = Diploid = # of total chromosomes = human:46 Cell Cycle G1: growth, prepares for synthesis S: DNA duplication G2: growth and prepares to divide or rest phase Mitosis: somatic cells, daughter will be identical to parent Interphase: G1, S, G2 + condensing Prophase: Nuclear membrane breaks, migrate to poles Metaphase: lines up in a row in the equator of the cell by spindle fibres Anaphase: centromere splits apart, pulled by spindle fibres Telophase: cell squeezes inwards, nuclear membrane reforms, plant builds a cell wall Cytokinesis: cytoplasm divides. Meiosis: gamete cells, results in cells with half the number of chromosomes, sex cells Meiosis 1: separates homologous chromosomes into 2 cells + criss crossing Interphase1: chromosome duplication, not condensed, risk for mutation Prohase1: condenses chromatid, crossing over, creating Tetrads [Genetic variation]Crossing over (Synapsis): arms of chromatids become tangled Metaphase1: homologous chromosomes align randomly in the centre by spindle fibres [Genetic variation]Independent Assortment: metaphase random centre alignment Anaphase1: sister chromatids split and moved to poles [Genetic variation]Non-Disjunction: failure to split apart into 2 sister chromatids Telophase1: Same as mitosis Cytokinesis1: splits into 2 Intermediate Cells, have double # of original now 46>46*2>4*23 Meiosis 2: Divides the 2 intermediate cells into haploid cells. Pulls sister chromatids Prophase: sister chromatids do not duplicate, they will split in the end. Chromatids condense Metaphase2: spindle fibres attract them to the center side by side on the equator Anaphase2: Spindle fibres pull them apart through their centers Telophase2: nuclear membrane reforms, each daughter cell has haploid chromosomes Cytokinesis2: Parent cell divides 2 intermediate cells into 4 gamete cells or spores in plants Gametes: end result of meiosis Gametogenesis: production of creating a sperm or egg Spermatogenesis: production of turning sperm gamete (spermatogonium) into a sperm cell -Male testes, spermatogonium enlarges size and becomes sperm cells -Happens all year round Oogenesis: process of making egg from an egg gamete (oogenium) -Oogenium not equally divided, has polar bodies, and primary oocyte -1 gamete survives to give nutrients to the rest -eggs are produced till meiosis 1, then frozen until fertilized, where meiosis 2 will finish it off -1 oogenium is released each month Karyotypes: shows all the chromosomes arranged from largest to smallest with centrosmeres lined up -Dyed with Giemsa to reveal G-branding to check the gene segments, but do not show genes Polyploidy: extra chromosome in a cell Aneuploidy: one less chromosome Mixed: translocation of parts of DNA Gregor Mendel: formulated laws that stated how heredity could be brought over Dominant Trait: a characteristic that is always
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