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Biological Sciences
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Mark Fitzpatrick

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Monocot Properties: -One Cotyledon -Parallel seed veins -Stem vascular bundles scattered -Flower pedals multiples of 3 Dicot Properties: -2 Cotyledons -Net like leaf veins -Vascular bundles arranged in a ring -Flower pedals multiple of 4 Vascular Tissues -Specialized for transportation -Tubes Translocation: the movement of material from one part of the plant to another Xylem: -Moves water up -Long hollow tube of Non living cells -fluid passes through “Pits” of regions Tracheids: tapered end of pits Vessel Elements: Pits with constant width Phloem -Living cells -Companion cells -Sieve Tube elements -Sieve Plates -Multidirectional -Transports Sugars Methods of translocation Root Pressure -Osmosis -High solute in water near end of root -Osmosis has the higher water concentration in soil to go into root
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