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Biological Sciences
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Mark Fitzpatrick

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Leaf Structure Role -Convert energy to food through photosynthesis -Contribute oxygen into the atmosphere -Shade -Provides food for decomposers Cuticle -Waterproofing -Non-living, waxy layer -Blocks everything from passing through Epidermis -External layer, protects the interior tissues -Responsible for making cuticle Stoma -Pore for gas exchange and food transpiration -Protected by guard cells allowing water to flow -Seals to keep moisture on hot day for example -Guard cells are swollen due to high concentration of water inside, less water outside, and the water is escaping. The cell is full of water so it’s full and closes the stoma Spongy Mesophyll -Gives off oxygen and has empty space to store oxygen -Picks up carbon dioxide and filters air Vascular Tissue -Xylem and Phloem -Conduct water and dissolved minerals -Monocot: parallel -Dicot: Net like pattern Palisade -tall cells that stand upright -chloroplasts and does photosynthesis Stems Stolon: stems horizontally above ground, nodes drop down to touch the ground to absorb water. (Net-like roots with large parts, potatoes) Rhizome: underground horizontal stems that are long and thin (long carrot like) Tuber: large sections of rhizome stems (potatoes) Corm: bulbous underground structures (Radishes) -Water transportation -Support for holding up leaves -Protection Young Dicots -centralized vascular bundles -soft pith and cortex -Larg
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