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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

DNA replication - Conservative – parental helix remains intact and a second all new copy is made - Semi Conservative – two strands of the parental helix separates and each functions as a template for synthesis of a new complementary strand - Dispersive – mixture of old and new synthesized parts - DNA replicates Semi conservatively - In prokaryotes since they have circular DNA there is only one origin of replication - In eukaryotes they have linear DNA which allows there to be many origins of replication - There are 5 steps to replicate DNA 1. Helicase (an enzyme) unwinds the helix 2. Single stranded binding proteins (S.S.B.P.) help keep DNA open and unwound 3. The leading strand is synthesized continuously; made 5’ è 3’ but is read as 3’ è 5’ by DNA Pol. III 4. The lagging strand is synthesized in fragments called Okazaki fragments which are made in a process similar to 2 steps forward, 1 step back. RNA primes made by RNA primase flag the DNA Pol. III 5. The DNA Pol I replaces the RNA primers with DNA 6. DNA ligase joins Okazaki fragments 7. Gyrase relases tension generated by the uncoi
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