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Biological Sciences

Lecture 246 Chapter 2ORIGINS OF LIFEThere are 7 characteristics that all forms of life share1 DISPLAY ORDER all forms of life consists of organized cells2 HARNESS AND UTILIZE ENERGY all forms of life acquires energy from the environment and uses it to maintain their biological function 3 REPRODUCE all organisms have the ability to make more of their won kind 4 RESPOND TO STIMULI organisms can make adjustment to their structures function and behaviour in response to changes to the external environment 5 MAINTAIN HOMEOSTASIS organisms are able to regulate their internal environment such that conditions remain relatively constant 6 SHOW GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT all organisms increase their size by increasing the size andor number of cells 7 EVOLVE populations of living organisms change over the course of generations to become better adapted to their environmentViruses are not considered a form of life because they lack the cellular machinery to synthesize their own proteins They have to highjack the machinery and metabolism of a living cell in order to reproduce CELL THEORY1 All organisms are composed of one or more cell 2 The cell is the smallest unit that has the properties of life 3 Cells arise only from the growth and division of preexisting cellsCONDITIONS ON PRIMORDIAL EARTHBombardment of rock from still forming solar system and extensive volcanic and seismic activityEarth radiated some of its heat and surface layers cooled and solidified into the rocks of the crustBecause of its size Earths gravitational pull was strong enough to hold an atmosphere around the planetPrimordial atmosphere contained an abundance of water vapour from the evaporation of water at the surface and large amount of
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