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Lecture 14

Lecture 14-15

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Biological Sciences
Mark Fitzpatrick

Sanchika K Nov.-23-10 Final Exam Notes Biology Biology Chapter 5: The Dynamic Cell Membrane What are the Requirements for Life? 1. Supply of replicators- self-reproducing molecules 2. Replicator copy must be subject to error 3. Supply of free energy for metabolismgrowthreproductionmovement 4. Partial isolation from external environment Why are membranes so important for Living Organisms? Separate cell interior from external environment Enclose cells and organelles inside cells Responsible for selective permeability Selection is really important allows for the ability of different concentration of material to be found on different sides of the membrane What is the structure of biological membranes? Plasma membrane Composed of 3 macromolecules o Lipids www.notesolution.comSanchika K Nov.-23-10 Final Exam Notes Biology o Protiens o Carbs Key features Lipids Are insoluble in water o Non polar hydrocarbon molecules go away from water o Held by weak hydrophobic forces Major component of membranes Phospholipids predominate o Phosphate part is polar; hydrophilic o Fatty acid part is non-polar (uncharged) ; hydrophobic o Amphipathic; membrane lipid has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic part o Bi layer head is exposed to the outside tails are inside away from water o Spontaneously orient themselves Fluidity o Crucial for function due to lipid o Phospholipid can move laterally within the bilayer Move, flip o Types of hydrocarbon tails (unsaturated) less packed- leaky ; vegetable oil saturated fatty acid tail (more packed) o Steroid cholesterol Has different effect on membrane fluidity at differ temp
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