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Biological Sciences

Textbook Readings for Module 2: Animal Form and Function Please note; all of the questions on the exams will come from the lectures. The textbook should be used to help you understand concepts and topics that are covered in the lectures. It can also be used to give you any background information that you feel you need in order to understand the lecture topics. It can also give you additional information that you find to be interesting but beyond the scope of the material that is covered in the lectures. When I make the exam questions I will not be looking at the textbook. I will look only at the material that was presented in the lectures. The midterm exam will consist of 60 questions. Twenty of these questions will come from my first six lectures. This means that there will only be 3-4 questions from each of the lectures. The exam questions will therefore be focused on the more important topics and will not focus on smal
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