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Biological Sciences
Bebhinn Treanor

Thursday, September 13, 2012 Biology and the Tree of Life Biology  the study of life Life is defined by 7 common characteristics 1. Evolve adapt to environmental change (with evolution through natural selection) 2. Respond to Stimuli  happens at organismal and cellular level 3. Ability to maintain Homeostasis  regulate internal environment 4. Display order  consists of organized cells 5. Harness and Utilize energy  harness in external environment and utilize it to do work 6. Reproduce  contains inheritable genetic information for reproduction 7. Growth and Development How is All Life on Earth Related? 1. The theory of Evolution by Natural Selection a. All species, past and present, trace their ancestry back to a single common ancestor 2. Cell Theory Diversity of Life – through Evolution - Bio uses charles darwin’s theory of evolution as a unifying framework - All organism capable of reproduction involving duplication with room for error - Results in biological evolution through natural selection - Differences among organisms enable them - To live in changing environemnts Unity of Life - Unity among organis
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