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Biological Sciences
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Karen Williams

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BIOA01 Probability to Pedigrees Snapdragon Plants Incomplete Dominance - Red plant + white plant = PINK plant (F1 generation) - Pink plant + pink plant = 1 red, 2 pink, 1 white - Black mouse : CC + White mouse : cc =4 Black mouse (Cc) - Black mouse: Cc + White mouse: cc = 2 Black mice, 2 white mice Terms: - Heterozygote – 2 alleles different - Homozygous – Same alleles Sickle Cell Anaemia - A mutation in the gene coding for Beta Haemoglobin reduces the ability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen - People with sickle cell anaemia are homozygous for the recessive Hb-S - Hb-A/ Hb-S individuals ( Heterozygous) have sickle cell trait Pleiotropy - Pleiotropy – condition where single genes affect more than one character of an organism (pg.230) Codominance - Blood – AB,A, B, O Polygenic Inheritance - Height – different gene
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