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Lecture 3

MODULE 1 LECTURE 3 Plant Cells and Plant Tissue

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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

BIOA02 MODULE 2 LEC 3 Plant Cells and Plant Tissuetwo different kinds of cells 1 undifferentiated cell 2 differentiated cellsdifferentiated cells are like stem cells in animalsdifferences between animals and plants plants have indeterminate growth can grow forever if environment permits and animals have determinate growth fixed growthUndifferentiated Cellsundifferentiated cells are also called meristematic cells and totipotent cellsdifferentiated cells will only give rise to the same cellundifferentiated cells give rise to more undifferentiated cells and specialized cellsplants keep a reservoir of undifferentiated cellswhy plants have indeterminate growthin animalswe run out of stem cells we only have them at the embryonic stage whereas plants have undifferentiated cells throughout their lifeIe flatworms male each have EXACTLY 959 cells this number is fixedtwo kinds of meristematic cells primary and secondarythere are two PRIMARY meristematic groups one at the
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