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BIOAO2 MODULE 1 LEC4: Plant Cells and Plant Tissue

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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 4 Plant Cells and Plant TissueComplex tissuesEpidermisepidermal hairs rootsused for nutrient and water uptake1 cm beyond root cap the roots grow root hairs which are microscopicit squeezes between small soil pockets and spaces between soil particles to take up water and nutrientsroot hair are the only things that take up waterit has a short life spanglandsheads filled with liuid found on stalksorgans that produce chemicals ie THC in hempfoundall over the surface of all across the surface of plant body but is mostly abundant on female flowersfunction of gland is for protection against herbivoresexamplestinging nettlehairlike needles which have chemicals that cause painplants also have adaptations for attracting as welladditional structure to epidermis protects against extra sunlight ie silverberry and additional water ie lotus has bumpy epidermiswater doesnt actually go to the surface of the epidermissome plants have epider
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