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BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 5: From Seed to Tree

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Biological Sciences
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Mary Olaveson

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BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 5 From Seed to TreeSEED TO GERMINATIONplants are sedentary therefore seeds usually just fall from the fruit and fall near the parent plant this is not ideal becausesit causes competition for space between parent and offspringif animals pick up pollen from either the parent or offspring it is likely to do fertilization between offspring and parents or between siblings which leads to inbreeding depressionvery low fitness therefore it is best for seeds to be as far away from parents some plants rely on abiotic vectors ie wind to disperse seeds do it themselves large majority rely on living organisms ants birds other plants hook seeds to hairfur of animals external hitchhiking internal hitchhiking goes through digestive system of animal some seeds just fall to the ground and picked up from animals and transport themSeed DispersalWind Dispersal anemochoryie common milkweed and Virgins bowerhave pods which contain seeds which have light fluffy hair which travels easily through windie dandelioneach seed has a parachuteie winged mapleheavier than dandelion and the milkweed therefore they have wings that help them travel hrough the windie orchid seedsso tiny that they dont need appendices to help them move through the wind and dispersed dustlike seedsWater Dispersal hydrochoryie coconutseed is so well protected that it can travel in the harsh environment of salt water for several yearsie beach sea beansproduce hard seeds which are similar to coconuts and can survive long time in salt waterSelf dispersal autochoryie jewelweedhave seed pods which are under a lot of pressurewhen ripe and are touched they explode and catapult away the seeds 12 metresie Herb Robertdevelops into a fruit standhas styles that are connected to seeds which are in a beacker and once the seed is ripe and when style is dry from the sun beaker disengages and it unzips and the seeds fly awayAnt Dispersal myrmecochroysymbiotic relationshipants get a nutritious food called elaiosomes oil bodyin return for seed dispersalplant attaches the elaiosome to their seeds in order to attract the ants and the elaiosomes are pumped with fat and protein one of the two sources of fatprotein the other is other dead insects
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