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BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 6: From Seed to Tree

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Biological Sciences
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Mary Olaveson

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BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 6 From Seed to Treecontinuation from Lecture 5Shoot and root primary growthfor the primary growth you need in nonwoody plant shoot apical meristem and root apical meristem both primary meristems and vascular cambium and ground meristem secondary meristemsaxilarry meristem and lateral root meristem as wellshoot apical meristem is protected by leaf primordiumin shoot apical meristem new cells are produced through mitotic cell divisionin region of elongation cells pump up with water and elongate to natural size but are not mature and undifferentiated this happens in the region of differentiation andor maturationshoot apical meristem produces a cell predecessor called the procambium protocambium predecessor of vascular cambium in theregion of differentiation andor maturationit produces primaryphloem towards the exterior and primary xylem in the interior in the region of elongationprotoderm predecessor of epidermis is madeground tissue contain omnipotent cells which give rise to differentiated cells further downground meristem initiates production of collench
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