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BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 9: Transport in Plants

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

BIOA02 MODULE 1 LEC 9 Transport in PlantsJanuary 27 2012plants have basic needs for doing photosynthesis they need carbon dioxide water oxygen light and mineralswater moves through the xylem of the year through the roots up sugars move through phloem of the yearclosest to the cambium downwardWATER TRANSPORT THROUGH XYLEMthere are three hypothesis as to how water moves through plant1Capillary action2Root osmotic push3TranspirationCapillary actiondue to two main foces cohesion between water molecules and adhesion between the molecules to the side of the capillariespulls water upthe more narrow the capillary the higher the water movesthe question are these forces enough to push water to the top of a 30 m treethe answer is no the maximum amount of water that can be pulled up by capillary action is 1 mits still very important however to maintain a connected string of water molecule once the water has reached the xylemRoot Osmotic Pushosmosissemipermeable membrane between water and mineralsopening is only big enough for water to go through but not mineralsconcentration of minerals on one side is higher than on the other sidelaws of physics wants concentration of minerals to be the same on both sides due to the semipermeable membrane the minerals cannot move through therefore the water has to move to make the concentration of minerals the same on both sides this causes the water to go higherosmotic pushthe question is the osmotic push enough to push the water all the way to the top of treesthe answer is nocan only push the water up 3 mosmosis process is still important for the plants nonetheless
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