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Lecture 10

BIOA02 LECTURE 10: Plant Nutrition and Soils

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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

BIOA02 Lecture 10 Plant nutrition and soilsJanuary 30 2012Nutrients necessary for plant lifeelement necessary to life ordered in importance w respect to molybdenum nutrients needed in large amountsmacronutrientsnutrient needed in small amountsmicronutrientabsence of either types of nutrients prevents the plant from completing its life cycleNPK nitrogen phosphorus potassium ratiohow much of each macronutrient is in the fertilizerNitrogennitrogen needed for basic metabolic pathwaysnitrogen tends to be limit but it is also abundant in the atmosphere78 but only one class can access this nitrogen bacteria whichhave to fix it and the bacteria make it available secondarily to all living organismyoung soil tend to have limited nitrogen because bacteria needs tobreak down and have the nitrogen to accumulate needs severalthousand years to be build upyoung soils need to have accumulation of soil in order for plants and animals to use itnitrogen is used in the building blocks of life amino acids which are used to make proteinnitrogen is also needed in photosynthesis chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b needed for ATP and NADP which have more than one nitrogen atom and DNAnitrogen cyclebacteria is the key players to make atmosphere nitrogen to plants and then to animals the only way nitrogen becomes bioavailable besides through bacteria is through lightninga lot of pressure and heat which are key components needed to move inert nitrogen gas to accessible nitrogenhowever the amount is negligible therefore bacteria is needed two ways in which bacteria fix nitrogen1freeliving soil bacteriain the soil and have the metabolic tools and pathways to access atmospheric nitrogen and fix it to turn it into nitrogen and they use this nitrogen for themselves and when they die they decomposeamino acids get broken down into ammonia and get converted into nitrate and nitrite
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