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BIOA02 MODULE 2 Lec 13 Introduction to Animal Physiology

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

BIOA02 MODULE 2 Lec 13 Introduction to Animal PhysiologyFebruary 07 2012Overview of Different Systemsnervous and endocrine systems are both control and regulatory systems function of nerves in nonhuman animals are similar to humansskin is the first line of defense that keeps pathogens outsome fish called cartilaginous fish which have skeleton made up of cartilaginous hummingbird have the fastest muscle on recordsome animals have skeleton on the outsideexoskeletonsome fish have the ability to raise the temperature of their musclescore of muscles in their body which generate and trap heatcirculatory lymphatic and respiratory system is usually talked about togetherfish breathe using gills but a few fish breathe air ie lung fishhave to breathe air or else they die they have gills but they dont functionhuman lungs are subdivided into alveoli rudimentaryfrog lungs have lungs that are like a bag of airprimitive lungreptilian lungs are more complex than amphibian lungsit was
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