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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

LECTURE 7 What are the Properties of Blood Blood Vessels? o Plasma contains small molecules, ions, proteins, etc..It tells you what state your health is in o Separate according to density as well o Half is plasma and half is cell components Blood: A fluid tissue- connective tissue o So many little things such as nutrientswastes and ions dissolved in plasma and transported to or from cells o Charged gradients give rise to membrane potentials o Concentration and charged gradients control which way the materials move..inout of cells or blood Red Blood Cells o Red blood cells originate in bone marrow o Mature blood cells cant do anything after...which is why we need more red blood cells (only in mammalian red blood cells) o The rest can carry on as normal cells... Blood: Platelets o Fragments of cells o Contain proteins and everytihg that is crucial to clotting process o When cells are damaged they give signals o Platelets are going to be attracted again o Platelet gets trapped and basically plugs the hole o There are proteins in the plasma many of which are synthesized in the liver and circulate through the blood system in an inactive form (prothrombin) o When theres damage, those platelets and clotting factors that are released in response to the damage will cause the conversion of the prothrombin to
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