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Chapter 22: Evolution (Lecture 1 Notes)

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Biological Sciences

BIOA02: Dr. K. Persaud Lecture #17 (Video) Chapter 22: Mechanisms of Evolution Mechanisms of Evolution Charles Darwin was the first to formulize evolution, without the use of genes, etc o He was interested in the world around him, he loved nature, exploring, and looking at the biological systems around him (plants and animals) o He wanted to have time to himself to explore the world around him o He was asked to be a ship HMS Beigels naturalist: someone who knew about nature and would document what the nature of the place they went to o He made records of what he saw and observed o They stopped at the Galapagos Islands each island differs slightly in terms of species (form) and plants etc o Classic example of his arrangement: beak of the finch differed from island to island, but same species o He hypothesized that there was one main ancestor, but over tmie they became different because the islands were different (in terms of vegetation and structure) o He didnt know the mechanisms of change, but he knew they existed o Later on during the years he came up with natural selection A controversial book came out by Thomas Malthus which scripted that he could calculate the human population exponentially o Some things keep up in check and under control disease, famine, etc necessary for human growth o Artificial selection: people knew that they could reproduce certain traits by mating selection o Variation in populationdifferent individuals with different traits
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