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Lecture 15

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

The Endocrine System1 TopicsTypes of cell signallingoFour types of cell signalling majoroFour types of hormones majorTypes of hormonesHormone receptorsMajor endocrine glandsMajor hormonesThe hypothalamus and pituitaryThe thyroid glandThe adrenal glandThe pancreasinsulin and diabetesThe pineal glandAtrial natriuretic peptide2 Adrenal GlandNervous SystemoNeural networksrapid signallingEndocrine SystemoEndocrine glands secrete hormones that mediate slower but longerlasting responsesoEndocrine system functions more as a regulatory than a command systemSecretes hormones that move through blood or extracellular fluidResponse can be very rapid eg adrenalinOr very slow eg changes in protein synthesis or gene transcriptionAdrenal gland has two partsoOuter cortex Produces steroid hormonesoInner medulla Releases adrenalinePart of fight or flight responseThe more cortisol you have the more rapidly you age3 Circulating HormonesClassic endocrine hormonal response oEndocrine gland that contains cells which synthesize and secrete hormonesoHormones diffuse through extracellular fluid and they circulate in the bloodoMove through blood to these target cells and activates their receptors4 Neurocrine Endocrine SignalingHormones can also originatemove from nervesoReferred to as neurohormonesRather the cell of a gland producing and secreting hormones they have a nerve doing this functionoFrom the nerve it is transported through extracellular fluid and bloodHormones acts on target tissuesHypothalamus has neurons which produces two hormonesoADHoOxytocin
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