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Lecture 17

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Biological Sciences
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Mary Olaveson

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Hearts and Circulatory Systems2 Composition of BloodPurpose of circulatory system is to move fluid around the bodyTwo major components of bloodoPlasma55 of total volume of blood91Mostly liquid water 7Soluble blood proteins 2HormonesElectrolytesNutrients oCellular component45 total volume of bloodWhite blood cellsCells of the immune systemPlateletsCelllike fragments involved in blood clottingRed blood cellsoWe can see the separate components via experimentsCentrifuge blood in a test tubeSpinning it at high speed will leave heavier components on the bottom and lighter components on the top3 Blood Stem Cell Dont need to know differentiation of blood stem cell for midtermBlood stem cell differentiates into omyeloid stem cells differentiates into red blood cellsplateletsgranulocytes otype of white blood cellEosinophilNeutrophilBasophil olymphoid stem cellsdifferentiates into B lymphocytes betaT lymphocytesNatural killer Tcells4 Red Blood Cells Erythrocytes Corpuscles and Haemoglobin HbRed blood cells are carry out oxygen and carbon dioxide transport in the bodyPurpose of the circulatory system is to get oxygen into the bodyoRed blood cells pick up oxygen at the lungs and transport it to tissuesoThey are able to do sobecause of a molecule called haemoglobinIt is the molecule which binds oxygenContains four peptide subunits2 alpha subunits2 beta subunitsoThese subunits are globular proteinsoAggregate together to form haemoglobin
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