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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Ecosystem Ecology 1 ecosystem ecologyWhat are ecosystemsHow do ecosystems functionHow does energy flow through global ecosystemsHow do materials cycle through global ecosystemsHow are ecosystems affected by humans 2 what are ecosystemsEcosystem o Consists of all the organisms living in a community as well as all the abiotic factors that affect them o Range from a microcosm Eg aquariumTo a macrocosm o Eg ocean 3 earth isA closed system for matterAn open system for energyEnergy from sun and radioactive decay in interior magma drives processes that move materials around planetProcesses moving materials are cyclic 4 physical environments can be divided into four compartmentsOceansFreshwatersAtmospheresLand o Compartments and types of organisms living in them are very different 5 food websPathways by which energy and nutrients move through the biological components of an ecosystemGrazing food web o Producer o Herbivore o Secondary consumer trophic levelsDetrital food web
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