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Lecture 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Conservation of Biodiversity 1 conservation of biodiversityWhat is biodiversityWhat is extinctionWhat is conservation biologyWhat strategies do conservation biologists use 2 what is biodiversityBiodiversitysum total of all organisms in an area including o Diversity of species o Genes o Communities o EcosystemsBiodiversity determined by SpeciationExtinction 3 what is extinctionThe disappearance of an entire species from earthOccurs when a species cannot adapt quickly enough to a changing environment o Extinction is a natural processIt is irreversibleAverage time for a species on earth is 110 million yearsSpecies currently on earth o the number formed by speciationnumber formed by extinctionie speciationextinction 4 background extinction rateextinction usually occurs one species at a timeearth has had several mass extinctions ofive events in earths history that killed off massive numbers of species at once 5095 of all species went extinctFour of five events due to climatictectonicgeological events o ODPTOrdovician periodDevonian periodPermian periodTriassic periodOne of five events was due to asteroid impact
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