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Behaviour and Behavioural Ecology--Lecture Notes

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Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

Behaviour and Behavioural Ecology Mar172011 What questions do biologists ask about behaviour? Ethology: study of animal behaviour from an evolutionary prospective All behaviour is assumed to have both genetic components and external impacts on behaviour Behaviour comes from a contribution of genetics and an interaction among the things learned from the environment Innate vs. Learned (some behaviours are learned, others genetic, but both interact) Niko Timbergenformulized animal behaviour and started demonstrated how to do experiments on animal behaviour through manipulations o Proximate mechanismshow animals behave o Ultimate causeswhy animals behave How do genes and environment interact to shape behaviour? Methods that experiments use rte olate the influences of genes and environment on behaviour: 1. Deprivation Experiments: Deprive animals of its outside influences and still exhibits the behaviour, its behaviour is genetic If the behaviour stops over time, it is learned 2. Genetic Experiments: Selective breedingpair individuals to see how offspring respond Interbreedingcertain behaviours in two individuals, and want to see how the offspring use the mix of behaviours Gene knockoutsisolating a gene in the genome of an animal and seeing how the animal behaves (known as fosB knockouts)
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