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Biological Sciences
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Tanya Da Sylva

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Plasma Membrane (II) Protein Mobility: Some freely mobile Others have restricted mobility -tethered to the underlying cytoskeleton -bound to the external ECM Studied by FRAP: fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching: Can not identify individual protein units. You dont know if the individual proteins are moving or they are attached to something else Membrane Lipid Mobility Phospholipids are small and make up the bilayer Would expect them to move freely They dont, instead seem to move freely within a compartment but movement is restricted between compartments Removing membrane skeletal components removes some barriers to movement Membrane Domains & Cell Polarity Membranes are rarely homogenous Distinct variations in protein composition and mobility Eg. Sperm Distinct parts, continuous plasma membrane Movement across PM: plasma membrane The plasma membrane has two main functions www.notesolution.com
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