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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Biological Sciences
Rene Harrison

Lecture 7102511Mitochondria MitochondriaCome from phagocytosis of aerobic prokaryote can divide in the cell mitochondrial fissionPowerhouse of the cellFunctions 1 Site of aerobic respiration Utilizing O to extract energy from 2macromolecules primarily glucose and converting it to ATP ATP PRODUCTION 26 We use 2x 10 molecules of ATPday Atpcell energy sourceenergy is released when ATP is hydrolyzed to ADPMany mitochondria in muscle cells liver cells fat cells plant cells and sperm PICTURES OF PHASE CONTRATS RIGHT AND BRIGHTFIELD STAIN LEFT Another photo of TEM left and SEM of purified mitochondria Outer Mitochondrial Membrane OOM y 50 protein lipid ratioproteinslarge channels y Contain poriny Allow very large molecules through BACTERIA PROTEIN HOW MITOCHONDRIA WRE ONCE BACTERIA Fig 54 Beta pleated sheet Inner Mitochondrial Membrane IMM Cristaemany thin folds to increase the surface area y 75 protein lipid ratio lipidcardiolipin y Cardiolipinunique phospholipid also found in many bacterial membranes y Highly impermeable requires channels and pumpsy 100 different proteins including proteins of ETCMatrix y Gel like from high proteiny Contains DNA and ribosomes tRNA y Mitochondrial function requires 3000 proteins THEREFORE MITOCHONDRIA FUNCTION y REQUIRES NUCLEAR GENE PRODUCTS AND THESE PROTEINS MUST BE IMPORTEDTARGETED TO MITOCHONDRIAProtein translocons are also involved in import of proteins in mitochondriaMitochondria proteins are completely translated on free ribosomes in cytosol
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