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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Rene Harrison

Lecture9110811Studying Proteins Osteoclasts and osteoblastsparticularly with astronautseOSTEO hardwarecell culture system for spaceFoton and SoyuzEffects of microgravity on osteoclast bone resorptionStudying Proteins A Determining Primary structure 1 Extrapolate from genomic sequence 2 Manually sequence the primary structure REQUIRES PROTEIN PURIFICATION Genomic Sequence y Extrapolate amino acid sequence from genenucleotide sequence using computer databases of genomes y 1980s and 1990sage of genomics y The Human Genome Project vs Celera Cragi Ventorfound Celera Genomics in y 1999 DNA sequence snow in Genback y 1 Extrapolating Genomic Sequence This has 2 limitationsissues I Intronsexonsexons code for proteins introns intervening sequences dont code for anythingSPLICED OUT OF mRNA will not correctly predict protein II Posttranslational modifications often cannot be predicted from genomeIE PROTEOLYSIS AND GLYCOSYLATION 2 Manually Sequence the Primary Structure The age of proteomicssequencing the y Mass Spectrometry primary sequence of proteins y FIRSTPURIFY PROTEINS a Proteins either separated from complex protein mixture on gel b Or proteins purified using chromatography Purifying Proteinsa Protein Gel Electrophoresis
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