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Lecture10 & 11

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Biological Sciences
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Rene Harrison

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Lecture 1011111511112211Cytoskeleton Cytosolic Proteins Fluid matrix surrounding organelles contains HO ionsCytosol 2sugars ATP free ribosomes many proteinsWhat is the targeting sequence for proteins destined to stay in cytosolTARGETING SEQUENCENO TARGETING SEQUENCE PROTEINS TRANSLATED IN CYTOSOL AND STAY THERE BY DEFAULTCytosolic Proteins y Rabs and SNARES y Coat proteinsclathrin and cops y Signalling proteinskinases phosphatises GTPases y Glycolysis enzymes y Organelle proteins in transit y Chaperone proteins soluble receptors for transport of organelle proteins cytoskeleton y Cytoskeleton3 Components 1 Microtubules transfertransport 2 Actin gross morphological processes 3 Intermediate Filaments y Extensive Protein Networks y Cytosolic Proteins y Made on free ribosomes w no targeting sequence FunctionsDynamic Scaffoldstructure and supportSpatial Positioning of OrganellesIntracellular TransportCell ContractionCell MotilityPhagocytosisMachinery for Cell DivisionPicture of MicrotubulesIF Slide 11 and 12Microtubules MTneeds toComposed of tubulin heterodimersbe crystallize get rid of water but retain tertiary structure
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