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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 & 12

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Biological Sciences
Rene Harrison

Lecture 11 and 12112211 and 112911ECM and Specialized Cells Extracellular MatrixEverything that surrounds the cellsmade by cellsFunction 1 For support of cells and tissues 2 Site of cell attachment 3 Signal to cells gives cells identity send survival signals signals to migrate etc 4 Substrate for cells to migrate overMatrix Network of interacting componentsA mesh of fibrous proteins secreted by cells ECMy Includes bone blood tendons cartilage connective tissues and basement membranesECM Proteins1 Collagen 2 Laminin 3 Fibronectin 4 Proteoglycan Proteinpolysaccharide polysaccharidecalled GAGs ie Hyaluronic acidHA charged molecules that bind to water ECM PROTEINSALL HAVE RGD SEQUENCESSLIDE 6Different ECMs have different amounts of ECM proteins depending on function amount of water varies blood vs bone amount of bound mineral varies ie Bone has Type I collagen that binds to CaPO3Calcified matrix Calcium stored in bone also gives bone its dense supporting role as the skeletonContinuously being remodelled Degradation and reconstructionAccomplished by secretion of matrix metalloproteinases MMPs ENZYMES THAT HYDROLYZE MATRIX PROTEINSOr secretion of lysosomes ie osteoclasts which degradethe bone matrix ECM Beauty and Therapeutic TreatmentsBeauty Industry y Inject ECM components collagen HA y FIller products to lessen wrinkles accentuate features y Replace old ECM with ECM of babies HAmore waterbound ECM therefore less wrinkle
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