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Lecture 5

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Biological Sciences
Rene Harrison

BIOB10 Lecture 5 From slide 20 protein starts in the ER sugars are added and modified Then they move to the plasma membrane Regulated stored in membrane bound secretory granules till they get a signal to release correct signal release of Ca from smooth ER when vesicle moves up and fuses with the plasma membrane Exocytosisluminal vesicle surface becomes part of cell membrane anything soluble is released vesicle will be directed by Rab and SNARE proteins SNARE proteins mediate the fusion vesicle budding assemble on the donor membrane and often bind to receptor thats used for protein sorting select components to be packaged clathrin will form triskelion 6 protein complexmany triskelion will pinch off and assemble into a basket structure COP proteins COPII moves materials forward from ER to golgi COPI coated vesicles transfers materials from tras Golgi back to cis Golgi retrieval vesicles and brings things fro the Golgi back to the ER Clathrinmoves things to lysosme and COP is involved in the ER and Golgi Rab help bring and tether the transport vesicle to the right membrane often occurs along the cytoskeleton once tethered the SNARES pair up and fuse the lipid bilayers of the vesicle and target membrane
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