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Biological Sciences
Dan Riggs

Bio B11 L19 C16 The Biology of Cancer .... ..... Fig 16-3: Growth properties of normal and cancerous cells: (a): Normal cells typically grow in a culture dish until they cover the surface as a monolayer. (c): cells that have been transformed by viruses or carcinogenic chemicals (or malignant cells that have been cultured from tumors) typically grow in multilayered clumps, or foci. Fig 16-4: The effects of serum deprivation on the growth of normal and transformed cells. Whereas the growth of cancer cells continues regardless of the presence or absence of exogenous growth factors, normal cells require these substances in their medium for growth to continue. The growth of normal cells levels off as the growth factors in the medium are depleted. Aneuploidy: An abnormal # of chromosomes. Elevated proteinases break down the ECM allowing cells to detach and metastasize (INVAAAAADE!) In the news today: breathing is linked to all forms of cancer! oh noes! Fig 16-6: Changing cancer incidence in persons of Japanese descent following migration to Hawaii. The incidence of stomach cancer declines, whereas that of breast and colon cancer rises. However of the three types of cancer, only colon cancer has reached rates equivalent to Caucasian Hawaiians by the second generation. ... I don't have this damn figure. Basically as you age, the tiny mutations that slip through the DNA repair / checking mechanisms accumulate and the incidence of cancer increases. Fig 16-19: The Genomic landscape of colorectal cancers: These 2D maps
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