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Biological Sciences
Aarti Ashok

The Cell Cycle N Centromere N Kinetochore N Centrosome N Chromosome N Chromatid An Overview of the Cell Cycle N Cell division is required for a zygote to develop into an organism N Go through 200-300 ell differentiation to become what we are N Without cell division, we }L[Z} N Throughout our life, we need to renew tissues and cells (sometimes by minute basis, sometimes by day basis) N We need control of that process o Need mitosis o ,]}Z]ZZoZ]LZo}] oo)L oo]ZL}7][Z]o}] N Interphase is the majority of the time the cell spends its life N Mitosis is a small segment, only a blip of the history of the cell N Most of the time spent in G1, S, and G2 (phases of interphase) N Cell cycle: stages that occur between one cell division and the next N G1, S, and G2 N S phase = synthesis N G = gap N Follow my mitosis and cytokinesis Cell Cycles in vivo N 3 types of cells 1. Differentiated cells that do not divide a. ***Specialized cells b. No capacity to be replaced c. -}L2}]L2]]Z]}L [email protected]][Zo} l]LZZ2~Z in G1, exiting at G1, not re-entering cell cycle produces differentiated cells that do not divide) 2. Cells that do not divide unless stimulated to do so by a signal a. Absence of neighbouring cells (take out cells in an organ b. Removing part of the liver induces cell division of [remaining liver cells]********* c. Stimulus is lack of neighbouring cells, cells need to replenish organ and go into cell division form d. Were in G0, but re entered cell cycle by going back to G1 3. Cells that continually divide a. Hematopoietic stem cells need to divide and differentiate
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