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Lecture 3

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Biological Sciences
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Dan Riggs

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Lecture 3Genome Evolution Gene Mapping and PolymorphismsKaryotype Determined by xsome bondingMobile Genetic Elements Transposons Transposition Transposontransposable elementBarbara McClintock controlling elements of maizecorn Nobel prize in 1983 Individual colourless kernelif transportation occurs late in development get small spot of pigment If transposition occurs early large coloured sector due to transposon jump early in developmentYou take recipient and repeat insert transposable elements that aftertransposition you have duplicates Generation of Direct Repeat 1 Targetrecipient site 2 Staggered cuts are made transposase 3 End structure 4 Transposon inserts 5 Repair synthesis generate direct repeat Other picture is cutpaste method of bacterial transposition Little DNA that donates DNA transposase binding then cleavage to target DNA integration occurs and a results in strip with donorDNAtransposon DNAdonor DNA Its non replic
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