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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Dan Riggs

Lecture 5hnRNA Synthesis and Processing SPs Fig 111718 20 21 23 24 29For Rrna pol I Initial 45s28s 18s 58s What about the mRNAs Processing events Pulse chase strategy used figure 1117mRNAs are syntheseized as precursors hnRNAheterogeneous nuclear RNA 30000 active genesmany transcripts of various sizesMost of newly synthesized RNA in cell is hnRNA BUT most stable RNA of cell is Rrna 90life of hnrnaMrna MINUTES TO HOURS AVG 40 MINSOF rRNAs daysmonths accumulation occurs Transcription of pol II gene is regulated by 1 Transcription factors which recruits RNA pol 2 Sequences in promoter of genebinding sites for transcription factors and binding sites for pol II subunitsSlide 3Lecture 5 FIGURE 1120 There is a preinitiation complex yellow balls represents the repeats that forms the tail of RNApolymerase When som
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