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Lecture 2

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Biological Sciences
Dan Riggs

BIOB11H3S Lecture 2Genome Organization and Molecular Evolution DNA doublestranded antiparallel helixComplementary base pairing by Hbonding AT and CGEarly History on DNA PHYSIOCHEMICAL 1 DNA is polynucleotide chain 2 Estimates made of genome size 3 Values were tiny yet enormous Humans35 picograms of DNAhaploid Genome32 billion base pairs 4 Base pairing rules established by analyzing base composition 5 DNA absorbs light in ultraviolet range 6 Renaturation experiments defined complexityChargaff 1950s base composition differs bw organisms AT2 Hbonds and CG3 HbondsAbsorbance measured by spectrophotometer Ring structures of DNA absorb in ultraviolet range DNA reabsorption MAX260 NM Absorbance can be used to determine DNA concentration Absorbance increases about 15 X if DNA IS DENATUREDSatellite Dish Analogy ssDNA Flexible nitrogenous bases can freely rotate about glycosidic bonds PLANAR MANY ARE IN ODD ANGLES SIGNLE STRANDED DNA CAN ABSORB MORE LIGHT THAN DOUBLE STRANDED DUE TO ORIENTATION dsDNA More rig
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