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Biological Sciences
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Kenneth Welch

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BIOB32 Notes Mammalian PhysiologyLecture 2 Reactors 1 Batch reactorone opening for digestion and excretion 2 Continuousflow stirredtank reactorone direction 3 Plugflow reactorour gutGuts become more complex with evolutionEsophagusjust passes food not a lot of musculatureLecture 3 Venous side of the system is a reservoir50 or so of blood Venous system is elastic and can adjust the volume in arterial system Pulmonary system is divided from systemic circulation It has lower pressure coming from less muscular part of heart as opposed to systemic circulation Lymphatic system is involved in uptake of fatty acids Circ system in general has thick and elastic walls to sustain the high pressureRead about the circulatory system Diffusion vs convection The average heme group will have more oxygen boundActive tissues are hotter than inactive so they need more oxygen Higher temperatures encourage oxygen to leave haemoglobin ATP and GTPin fishes because theres no ATP production in our RBCsAnemia does not really mean increase in p
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