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BIOB33 Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Connie Soros

BIOB33 Human Biology: Development and Anatomy Lecture 1 Lecturer -Dr. Connie Soros -Office Hour: Monday 11am-12pm, SW 540C (office) or SW322 (lab) Materials 1) Textbook -Human Anatomy 7 edition by Martini, Timmons & Tallitsch 2) Mastering A&P ($52.60) -can be purchased from bookstore -also 3) Lab manual -only need to buy the fatal dissection which is used in lab 4 in June -materials for other labs will be posted in the intranet Lab -lab quiz is based on previous lab -ex. in lab 3, quiz is on lab 2 material, not labs 2 & 1 Lecture 1 (Chapter 1 & 2) Assigned reading -p. 22 Radiological procedures Anatomy -structure of body (inner & outer) -but, not the study of body function, cycle & mechanism -Krebs cycle is not covered in the course Comparative anatomy -anatomy of fish vs. bird -not the focus in this course Figure 1.4 Levels of Organization -anatomy looks at cellular level and upward, not molecular level Figure 1.5 An Introduction to Organ Organ System 1) Integumentary system -ex. skin, epithelial cell -reaction includes goose bump 2) Skeletal system -provide basic framework for muscles -muscles attach to bone to cause movement -protection for organs, don’t want those bones to move, ex. rib cage protects lungs Joint -both origin & insertion are necessary for movement Trade-off -stability vs. range of movement -wider range of movement for arms than for legs -pelvis provides support for the body 3) Nervous system & 4) Endocrine system -not the main focus in this course 5) Cardiovascular system -cardio: heart, vascular: veins -internal transport of materials 6) Lymphoid system -red blood cell gets oxygen -white blood cell is for immune system 7) Respiratory system -work with cardiovascular system 8) Digestive system -mouth esophagus small intestine large intestine rectum -accessory organs that help digestion: pancreas, liver, bladder 9) Urinary system 10) Reproductive system -not the main focus in this course Relationship between suffix/ prefix with organ -oculus: eye -otic: ear -brachial: arm -cardio: heart -anatomical position: standing, with palms facing forward Figure 1.9b Abdominopelvic Quadrants and Regions Hypochondriac region -most superior region among the three regions -but has a suffix of hypo (lower) -hypo refers to below the lungs Figure
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