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Biological Sciences
Ted Petit

Chapter 14 General Senses • Basics - Sensation: conscious or subconscious awareness of internal or external stimuli - Perception: conscious awareness and interpretation of sensation - Components of sensation 1. stimulus a. a change in the environment capable of activating sensory neurons 2. transduction a. sensory receptor or sense organ transduces stimulus into a nerve impulse 3. conduction a. nerve impulse conducted to CNS by afferent fibers 4. translation a. CNS receives and interprets information • Sensory Receptors - Display selectivity 1. respond to a particular kind of stimulus - Classification by location 1. exteroceptors a. near surface of body b. sense the external environment c. touch, pressure, vibration, temperature, pain, taste, smell, hearing, vision 2. interoceptors a. in blood vessels and viscera b. sense internal environment c. stretch, chemical change, pain 3. proprioceptors a. in muscles, tendons, joints, inner ear b. sense body position and movement - Classification by stimulus type 1. mechanoreceptors a. sense mechanical pressure or stretching b. touch, pressure, vibration, proprioception, hearing, blood pressure 2. thermoreceptors a. sense temperature 3. chemoreceptors a. sense chemicals b. taste, smell, changes in body fluids 4. photoreceptors a. sense light
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