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Lecture 20

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Biological Sciences
Jason Brown

BIOB34 October 3 2013We dont store much glycogen as lipids because you need to store water with themFat can be stored in anhydrous formSLIDE 19Carbohydrates can be used for structural support chitin Chitin is made up of modified glucose molecules linked together NaceylglucosamineChitin is one of the major skeleton components of arthropodsPlants use carbohydrates for structural support more than animals do cellulose Cellulose is the most abundant of all molecules on earth No animals or very few animals have the enzymes and capacity to break down cellulose and use it as a source of energySLIDE 20Unlike plants animals use protein as their major structural moleculesProteins are only used as sources of energy when youre starving or when youre dehydratedSLIDE 21Advanced Facility of Avian Research AFAR is one of the only windtunnel in the world where you can precisely control temperature humidity and oxygen tension You can fly birds in these wind tunnels and see how these conditions affect the bird for example metabolism in the birdsSLIDE 22Dr Alexander worked with AFARBefore migratory birds migrate they fatten up They use that as their main fuel source for flight They also burn up a little protein while they fly Why do they do that Why do they burn a little bit of protein in addition to fat Alex had that hypothesis that they burn protein in order to generate waterMetabolic water production is higher in lipids you get about a gram of water for every gram of lipid oxidized But the energy spent in doing so makes it not efficientThe birds burn a little protein to generate water and its a very efficient way
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