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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Jason Brown

FEEDING AND DIGESTION 2SLIDE 2Feeding behavior is modulated to meet nutrient needs of the animaloThey took beetles and they fed them one of two diets for a week either a lipidrich diet or proteinrich dietoAfter a week they took the beetles and let them choose whichever food they wanted to eatoWhen they were given the choice the beetles that were eating proteinrich foods before were now eating lipidrich foods and vice versaSLIDE 3Tapeworms are endoparasites they live in the gut of the host They hold on to one spot in the intestine with their mouth and absorb nutrients right across their body wallsThe head end is called scolex which has sucking discs which can bite on to intestinal wall and hold on while the rest of the body floats in the nutrient rich fluidThese tapeworms have repeating segments each is called a proglottid There is no gut in these segments The stuff inside the proglottid is filled with gonads so they have a huge capacity to reproduceThese tapeworms are primarily gutless meaning none of their ancestors ever had a gut These tapeworms evolve from ancestors that never had a gutSLIDE 4Another animal that absorbs nutrients passively through the body wall is the parasitic barnacleTheres an egg sac underneath the crab and inside is the eggs from the parasitic barnacleThe parasitic barnacle invade the crab castrate the crab prevent it from molting and force the crab to generate an egg sac and make them look after their babiesThe way which people figured out that parasitic barnacles are related to other barnacles is that they have similar looking larval stageThe parasitic barnacles have an inner mass of undifferentiated cells The barnacle larva approaches a host and injects the mass of undifferentiated cells into the crab The mass of undifferentiated cells is basically the parasitic barnacle The mass of undifferentiated
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