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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 on the Central Nervous System Part I - includes pictures

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Biological Sciences
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BIOB30Fall2011 Lecture 9 The Central Nervous System I Chapter 9The Nervous System The brain and the spinal cord make up the Central Nervous SystemThe Peripheral Nervous System is made up of the autonomic nervous system the eneteric nervous system and the somatic motor divisionThe Autonomic Nervous System automaticinvoluntary control consists of cardiac smooth muscle internal organs adipose tissue endocrine systemThe Enteric Nervous Systemdigestive systemSomatic Motor Divisionskeletal muscles attached to bones control diaphragmbreathingEvolution of the Brain In jelly fish the nerve net functions together to coordinate movement Flat worms have simple NSnerve cell bodies restricted to the headAnnelids and segmented worms have clusters of nerve cells ganglia through the bodyallows functions equivalent to spinal reflexes involuntary movements such as knee reflex in humans to be carried outIn vertebrates the forebrain is more complexcontains structures such as the cortex and cerebellumAnimals increase in complexity and specialization as one moves up in the phylogenetic treeThe CortexFound in the forebraincortex increases in size in higher mammalsContains many folds to increase surface areaFunction ability to think awareness perception analysis of emotion cognition complicated thoughts and analysis individuality and personalityAnatomical Terminology1
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