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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 on the Central Nervous System Part II -includes pictures

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Biological Sciences

BIOB30Fall2011 Lecture 10 Central Nervous System II Functions of Different Brain Regions o Cortex understanding cognition awareness personalitydefines who we are and how we perceive the world o Diencephalon is made up of hypothalamus thalamus basal ganglia pineal and pituitary gland o Hypothalamus controls homeostasis and behaviour example desire to eat drink sex drive body temperature o Brain stem made up of medulla oblongata viscera pons o Medulla Oblongata arousal muscles breathing blood pressure regulation pain swallowing and vomitingo Viscera internal organs need blood supplied to themviscera function is often integrated in the spinal cord and brain stem o Pons breathing relays info between cerebellum and medulla o Cerebellum coordination of fine movement balance and equilibrium together with the inner ear body position and balanceFunctional Specializations of the Cerebral Cortexo Primary somatic sensory cortex somatosensory receive sensory input from skin skeletal muscles touch pain itch body position viscera allows us to perceive o Motor areas directed at skeletal muscle control o Association areas integrate information from primary motor and primary sensory areasinitiates voluntary responses o Frontal lobe coordinates information from other association areas forms personality perception and awareness The Special Senses o The brain integrates and processes information from ears eyes mouth and noseo Auditory cortex receives information from the ears sound o Visual cortex receives information from the eyes sight o Olfactory cortex receives information from receptors in the nose smell 1
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